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Drumming Lab

Located at the heart of Paris, the Lab is a unique space which is entirely dedicated to the world of drumming and to the discovery, understanding and learning of hand and foot techniques.

Soon, you will know everything there is to know about the Free Stroke, Moeller Whipping Motion, Pumping Motion, Pull Outs, Control Strokes, Finger Strokes, Pedal Control, etc.

These techniques were taught by George Lawrence STONE, Sanford Augustus MOELLER and Billy GLADSTONE, the famous founders of contemporary drumming. They were then globalized by Dom FAMULARO.


 Drums school entryPad


The Drumming Lab was created in close collaboration with Dom FAMULARO by Frederick RIMBERT, one of his disciples. Dom FAMULARO is himself a disciple of Joe MORELLO and Jim CHAPIN, who studied respectively under Georges L. STONE and Sanford A. MOELLER.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced drummer, whether you are amateur or professional, the Drumming Lab offers lessons, clinics, intensive courses and Master Classes with world-renowned drummers, in order to teach you all the concepts which are essential to approaching drumming in the best conditions.


Get solid foundations! From the practice pad to the drums, the Drumming Lab will teach you how to adopt good posture and good gestures, how to become aware of your drumsticks and to feel the rebound, how to practice drums in a totally relaxed manner… In short: how to play naturally.

Master these simple techniques: they are essential for you to thrive and flourish as a musician.

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